Colline Pontine PDO

The Colline Pontine extra virgin olive oil, that has obtained the Designation of Origin in 2010, is produced in the province of Latina and is characterised by a yellow-green colour more or less intense and a pronounced fruitiness; it also has a fruity taste with bitter and pungent notes.

The olive oil is produced from the following varieties: Itrana from 50% to 100%, Frantoio and Leccino up to 50%. Other varieties may be used up to a maximum of 10%.

Olive growing and milling must take place in the area mentioned in the product specification. Production cannot exceed 100 kg per plant. Olives are picked by hand or mechanically and nets are used to avoid the crushing of olives fallen to the ground.

Olive milling takes place within 48 hours of harvesting and only physical and mechanical means can be used. The kneading stage must take place at 33°C for a maximum of 50 minutes. The oil yield must not exceed 27%.